Happy 2017 darlings!

As a new year commences I wanted to take the opportunity to share my 5 goals for 2017. 

1. Heal, heal and heal. I am still adjusting to the many changes that have happened to my body. My mind and heart are still playing catch up as there are still some days where I struggle to accept that this is all happening. I am committed to finding holistic ways to keep my spirit and body alive and strong. 

2. Explore. I want to explore what it means to be a female artist. My passion to create and share increases with each passing year and I am incredibly thankful and humbled by all of your support.

3. Integrate and balance. I am so protective of my vision that it is sometimes difficult to let others in. But I am learning that there is divinity when paths cross and that there is no room for fear. 

4. Quality time. I love my family and friends so much that this year I want to spend more quality time with them. I want to invest in a mental scrapbook of happiness and laughter.  

5. Allow for grace. Accepting God's grace in all situations is easier said than done. I want to openly embrace the unknown without hesitation.  

5. Acceptance. I was never the kind of woman that you could place in a neat category. I do not intend on changing that. Instead I choose to embrace every quirk that God has given me and build a life that reflects those truths even if it means taking the road less traveled. 

Wishing you the magic of new beginnings and the courage to go after your dreams. 



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