| 1/2 a cup of bananas, strawberries and blue berries (You can also add spinach for added greens). |
| 1 Tbsp of Total EFA |
| Add 2 level scoops of VeganSmart 
| 1 cup of Organic Coconut Milk |
| Blend and Enjoy!! |

Hello from Washington, DC! 

Today I am bring you an easy vegan smoothie recipe. Many of you who follow me on snapchat absolutely enjoy my morning routine, in where I walk you through my smoothie making shenanigans. I have tried many protein mixes but VeganSmart is by far my favorite. The taste is exceptional and the nutritional value is on par with my health goals. 

I recently transitioned from being a vegetarian to a now vegan. There's so many reasons behind this decision but I will save that for another day. No matter how you decide to nourish your body, make sure it's with integrity and purpose. Eating is more than just ingredients, it's an opportunity for your soul and your body to connect. 

Lots of love.


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