I once had the great pleasure of interviewing Andy Cabic, folk-rock singer and lead member of the band Vetiver. Like so many of us on the other side of listening to beautiful music, I asked, What inspires you? His response was simple and concise. And to this day I still carry it with me. He replied:  Inspiration isn't limited or predictable, and it doesn't feel the same each time it happens.  Although it's a familiar feeling, it catches me by surprise every time.

A champagne toast to being surprised every single time. 



1| Vetiver - "Strictly Rule"

  2| Aaron Espe - "Making All Things New"

3| The Dodos - "Black Night"

4| Caetano Veloso - "Cucurrucucu Paloma"

5| Patrick Watson - "Missing You"

6| The Kinks - "This Time Tomorrow"

7| Håkan Hellström - "En Midsommarnattsdröm"

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