Happy February 1st! 

My how quickly time goes. I hope you will all excuse my blogging and somewhat social media absence. I wish I had a reason other than just trying to adjust to the happenings of the world. The same sensitivity that allows me to be an artist is also the same one that beckons much needed breaks. Speaking of which, these 5 brilliant podcasts have brought a sense of sanity in the midst of so much political fury. I hope you will give them a listen. 

Hugs for a Wednesday. 


 1| Pod Save America - "Repeal and go f*ck yourself"

 2| Girl Friday - "Ep. 9 Guest: Teen Vogue's Lauren Duca. Co-host: Amanda Duarte"

3| The Minimalists - "Technology"

4| Here's The Thing - "Debbie Reynolds"

 5| Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert - "Ep. #1: Do What Ignites Your Soul"

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