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Happy Friday, my darlings. 

Today is a rather special post as I am talking about two very important women in my life. Both of these beauties are an integral part of who I am. I can honestly say that I would not be the woman I am today without their love and support. Below are 5 sisterhood secrets that nobody really talks about. This also goes beyond familial sisters because I truly believe that independent of biology, all women are born with sisters. 



1. Nobody said it would be easy. 

Although having sisters can be a lot of fun it also comes with a lot of work. You have to work at your friendship just like you would in any other relationship. And believe me there will be moments when your patience will be put to the test. That said the rewards of sisterhood make it worthwhile.

2. Show up and ask questions later.

My sisters and I decided a long time ago that independent of circumstances that we would always show up for each other. Time and time again this agreement has shaped and reshaped our bond and love for one another. Sometimes showing up comes in the form of grabbing a late night coffee just to vent. Or in more extreme situations it means showing up in a getaway car because you got the code word for "this date is awful and I am on the verge of despair."

3. Withhold judgement. 

It's easy to have an opinion but to sit with someone and just let them share is an act of compassion. I am a true believer that people have the remarkable ability to change and grow. I am no doubt the same person I was a year ago. Despite those changes, sisterhood means rolling with those changes and accepting each other for who you are. No expectations; just love and openness.

4. Guard their confidentiality like it was your own. 

Being able to be fully yourself is one of the truest gifts of sisterhood. Nobody will know you like your sisters. Down to every last embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you they will be the keepers of those memories. They will also become your closest confidants and a responsibility should emerge to guard this kind of trust. 

5. Humor is everything.

Nobody makes me laugh like my sisters. I have too many memories of being on the floor with tears running down my eyes because I was laughing so hard. Embrace these moments because they will be the fuel to get you through the challenges you will face.

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