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My heart is heavy with news about what has been transpiring in Aleppo. Religion, race, gender are among the illusions that keep us divided. Remember that we share more similarities than our eyes allow us to see. And though sometimes our minds need the distraction from all that is happening around the world there comes a point where your soul will beckon you to act. Seeing mothers and fathers hold their lifeless children in their arms is something no human being should ever experience. The world needs more empathy and kindness.  At the end of each year, I have always reward myself with some type of luxe gift to commemorate all of my hard work. This year however, I have decided to forgo this and make monetary contributions to worthy causes that are active positive beams of light in this world. Below are 6 organizations that are doing amazing work.

I hope you open your heart and give.



The mission of the IRC is to help people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover and regain control of their future.

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America is built on the principle of welcoming people from all cultures and religions who are seeking a safer way of life. From our country’s inception, refugees have been woven into the rich fabric of American life. With diverse backgrounds and complementary ways of problem-solving, refugees have become essential to our country’s ability to thrive, renew and innovate.

Find out how to volunteer your time → here

The mission of the Downtown Women's Center is to provide 
permanent supportive housing and a safe and healthy community 
fostering dignity, respect, and personal stability, 
and to advocate ending homelessness for women.

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Sex trafficking is devastating lives.
Run 2 Rescue is in the fight and doing all we can to rescue enslaved women, stop the suffering and bring healing to hurting families.

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We believe strong women build strong nations.

Since 1993, Women for Women International has helped more than 447,000 marginalized women in countries affected by war and conflict. We serve women in 8 countries offering support, tools, and access to life-changing skills to move from crisis and poverty to stability and economic self-sufficiency.

Make a donation → here or here

We are Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). We help people worldwide where the need is greatest, delivering emergency medical aid to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from health care.

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