Hello my loves, 

It's been a quick second. As most of you know, I took a much needed hiatus to heal and focus on my health. Lupus is no joke and though I am still battling with pain I am positive that with time I will be feeling stronger than ever. On that note, the holidays are officially in full swing and I wanted to lend some holiday fashion cheer. During this time of year, I am a huge proponent of anything sparkly and fun. Glitter aside, I also gravitate towards bold lipsticks and sky high heels. Be sure to shop the curated story below. Alas, I am unable to travel this year but to make up for it the family and I will be visiting the Magic World of Disney.  Super excited to be taking my nephew who absolutely loves Mickey or as he calls him "Mick Mick." Stay tune as I will be taking all of you with us. 

Love and light. 


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