Happy 2016, darling readers. I am currently traveling among the clouds making my way to D.C. These last two months have been non-stop traveling for me. From Arizona to Portland and now to our Nation's capital. There is no city quite like D.C., the energy and ambition runs high there. I always leave feeling incredibly inspired.

 I am currently on assignment for an organization that shall remain anonymous, as it vastly differs from my fashion, beauty and lifestyle projects. I have been consulting and working for them for a little over a year and I am extremely proud of the work we do together. It is an organization that fights against genocide and uses its voice to stand up for human rights on a global scale. 

I am extremely humbled every day to be able to have my cake and eat it too! In this post I am taking you back to when I traveled to Los Olivos, CA for my birthday. It was such an enchanting time and I will always hold those memories so close to my heart. We stayed in an EPIC ranch house. My nephew could not get enough of the horses and every morning we made our way to greet them. Remember: no matter where you travel in this world, always bring your love with you. That is the only way to make this human journey worthwhile. 

Cheers to a lovely new year filled with adventure, courage, laughter and lots of champagne-glitter-cupcake dreams. 


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