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1| A gentleman is honest with himself and with others.

This is a no brainier, but a gentleman always speaks the truth. Even when they are uncertain of what they want in a specific situation, a gentleman will never pretend to be something he is not. A remedy for a lonely night is never calling a woman - whom they know will pick up the phone hoping he’s changed- but rather they look to other resources. They take up a new hobby, learn a new language; but they will never resort to using a woman or other destructive means to absolve themselves of their loneliness or insecurities.

2| A gentleman SAYS and DOES what he means.

If a gentleman tells you he’s going to show up at 6 o'clock, chances are that he will be there 10 minutes early. A gentleman will consistently follow through without fail. He prides himself on his word. He understands that being a man of his word is a critical part of his legacy. Independent of what role you fill in their lives, there is a safety that is felt around a gentlemen, because you will always know where you stand with them. There is NEVER any guessing involved when you are in the presence of a true gentlemen.

3| A gentleman always protects the feelings of others through his integrity.

For the women laughing right now, believe me when I tell you that this a real thing. Most men do not carry the same emotional and sensitive sagacity that women do; but there is a deep level of emotional intelligence that men can tap into. However a critical part of learning and using this emotional intelligence requires integrity. A word defined by Merriam-Webster's dictionary as: the quality of being honest and fair. For instance, a true gentleman will part ways with a great woman because he knows he is not ready to give her what she deserves and desires. Whether it be financial or emotional reasons, he will not waste her time. Though this may seem like a gamble for himself in never finding that caliber of woman, he will wager his heart and not hers. This same type of man will be the first to show up or call when someone he loves is down and out. Their emotional intelligence goes beyond their dating life, it is all encompassing.

4| A gentleman never laughs or takes pleasure in the dismay of others. 

This one is a big one. A great man will never laugh at the pain or suffering of others. His first line of response is to always help. 

5| A gentleman does not boast. 

One of the loveliest men that I know is a high powered CEO for a major music label. He never uses his money or his accomplishments to impress people. He is more interested in learning and connecting with others authentically. Which in my opinion is the reason that he is so successful. I remember when I ran into him at Coachella, my friends had no idea of who he was, because he simply stated his first name. He could have mentioned his multi-million dollar company, or the fact that he had just landed on a private yacht from the Bahamas. Instead he simply stated his name not the thousands of hyphens that could have followed after it. A gentleman lets his character do the talking and not his ego. And that's what will always make his stand out from the rest. 

Written by: Griselle Preston


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