Life begins in the gentle flow of each passing day. It exists in the air in your lungs and the blood running through your veins. Life is the accumulation of so many seemingly insignificant moments that add up to everything. And then death comes, as it does for all of us.  Only to tell you that you were in fact exactly where you were supposed to be all along. My advice is to stop asking questions and make peace with it all. Focus on bringing an overflowing amount of joy in your life. So much so that you forget that one day you will not be here. All that will remain is the love that you planted around you. And if you are very wise, you would have planted that love in people who will know to share it with others. Remember that you came into this world alone, but not without love. Even if things are confusing, deafening or dare I say it, wrong. You are here and that is not a mistake. The “why” is not as important as you may think. The only question that God wants you to ask is: How will you love? And when you answer that question, family, career, where you want to live, it all begins to fall into place.

Keep shining bright. 


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