As most of you know I frequently incorporate vintage pieces to my everyday ensembles. Whether it be a statement necklace or a pre-loved dress the thought of bringing something from the past into my present― yields an endless amount of happiness. A couple of years ago I came across Ashley Ording's photography portfolio. Initially it was Ashley's photographs that entranced me; and now I would definitely add that her incredible sense of style inspires me more than anyone else.

Though our sartorial choices differ, I admire her unique style perspective and her ability in bringing humor to her outfits. Fancy Fine (her beautiful style blog) absolutely solidifies that this girl is an absolute dreamboat. Smart, funny and stylish... Where do I sign up? And she even loves hamburgers! A style blogger after my own heart. I secretly hope that if she's ever in Los Angeles that I might be able to photograph her cuteness.

Well my darlings, lucky for us, Refinery 29 recently caught up with Ashley. Let us step into the wonderful world of vintage jaunting. Be sure to check out Fancy Fine at:

Video Source: Refinery 29
All Images Via: Fancy Fine


  1. how do you get your words to flow like that? it's simply amazing my little one... so proud of you. LL

  2. Thank you so much for the incredibly sweet post, doll! Blushing over here! xoxo

  3. Ashley, I simply wrote the truth. xo :)


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