Photography by: Leslie Murillo 

Today is a very special day as it happens to be my birthday. I am officially 33! I can't believe how time flies. Very soon a new year will be upon us. I have a tremendous amount of gratitude flowing through my heart. I have you and this lovely platform to thank. My birthday falls so close to Thanksgiving that it actually always sneaks up on me. Although I feel like I get the best of both worlds, because I get to spend some quality time with my loved ones and I get birthday cake. Speaking of the Holidays, we are so thrilled to bring you our latest collaboration with Banana Republic. With the endless array of parties and holiday gatherings around the corner —you cannot go wrong with Banana Republic's Holiday Collection. Their classic and tailored silhouettes will leave you feeling inspired and otherworldly.

This outfit was inspired by my admiration of Anna Karenina. The beautiful tweed jacket pictured in this post transported me to a time when quality was everything. Back then people invested in items that would last. Every detail was taken into consideration. And in that tradition I instantly knew that this beautiful floral brooch had a home on my tweed jacket. The delicate details on this brooch are just lovely. Not only was I incredibly warm, but I also felt like a princess waltzing through the metro station. If there’s one thing that I have always talked about it is investing in quality over quantity. It is better to possess a few quality pieces that will stay with you for many years to come versus items that within a season you will surely forget that you even own. 

Classic my dear ones will never go out of style. Wishing you a beautiful upcoming Thanksgiving holiday with your loved ones. And a special thank you to Banana Republic for sponsoring this post and for their continued friendship and support. 

From my heart to yours, 




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