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Well hello there, August. Fancy seeing you here. 

I have been waiting for this month for what seems like an eternity. This Friday, my ears will finally hear the genius that is Adele. The first time I heard Adele singing, was on YouTube. I still remember tears streaming down my face as she sang: Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead. No other artist has moved me in that way. Long before Adele announced her tour US tour I was praying that somehow I would be able to hear her sing live. Pinch me! 

Cheers to another month of amazing music.



1| Peggy Sue - "Fools Rush In"

 2| Dua Lipa - "Be The One"

3| Coeur de pirate - "Flume" [Live at Studio Q]

4| The Belle Game - "Wait Up For You" 

5| Carl Broemel  - "In The Dark"

6| Night Beds - "You Were Afraid"

7| Lola Marsh - "She's A Rainbow"

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