Hello My Loves, 

Today I bring you a curated beauty list of  6 of my favorite red nail polishes. A dose of red polish on your nails can easily elevates any outfit. It's a color that imbues boldness, power and femininity. It goes hand in hand with wearing the perfect shade of red lipstick. What I find when I wear red nail polish is that I get an instant boost of confidence. A birthright of every woman, if you ask me is the power of confidence. These 6 shades are incredibly versatile and budget friendly. 

I hope you give them a try! 



❶ | Sally Hansen: Red My Lips
 | OPI: Relentless Ruby
❸ | Sally Hansen: Ablazing!
❹ | Sally Hansen: Cinna-Snap
❺ | Mineral Fusion: Blaze 
❻ | Max Factor: #85 Cerise 

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