I live right on the edge of old hollywood glamour and the realities of my quirky personality; as evident by these photographs. This beautiful vintage skirt was a flea market gem that was purchased for under $10.  I am definitely not one to discriminate on the origin of clothing or jewelry. To me true luxury doesn't come in the form of a hefty price tag, but  rather by how items help express your heart and individuality.

On this particular LA day, the weather was on fire. So I opted for a quick updo.
If you're curious as to how I accomplished my milk maid braids please refer to Dulce Candy's easy to follow tutorial

As always, 


If you are ever in the NoHo Arts District you MUST pay Republic of Pie a visit. They have the yummiest pies in  town. Thank you, worknclassbunny for being the best bun-foodie. Your pie recommendation was heavenly! 

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