I spent a quiet weekend basking in the sun and enjoying the company of my thoughts. Sometimes you just have to get really quiet in your soul and reflect on the moments that have guided your journey thus far. Lately I have been doing a lot of this; for reasons, that I am not quite ready to share. Despite my writing and my love for beautiful photographs, I am a rather reserved creature. Please don't hold it against me. All good things though and boy have I been counting my lucky stars for having all of you in my life. I am currently revamping grisellelima.com as I would like to incorporate more of my writing here with all of you. Originally I had intended to separate my style photographs and my writing as I thought it was two distinct aspects of who I am, however after much thinking, the two seem to collide more than ever. And so, expect more personal musings accompanied with photographs that will hopefully entertain, inspire and most of all encapsulate fragments of time in which my creativity beckons for all of you.

-G. Preston 

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