"Celebrate what you want to see more of." -Tom Peters

As a new year approaches  a sense of overwhelming gratitude has taken hold. I cannot 'thank you' enough for your loving support! I remember when I started Society Style Page I yearned for a platform that showcased real people with unique styles. Real people composed of diversity and complexity. Such realities, in my opinion, beckon a platform of their own. And while I do include editorials of celebrities, I only feature people who inspire me to stand a little taller. I am by no means a perfect person as a matter of fact being in front of the camera scares me. Yet, here we are. A year later. A little wiser. A whole lot stronger.

Wishing each and everyone of you 
a glorious 2013!

Pants: H&M 
Shirt: Vintage
Blazer: Zara 
Shoes: Forever 21
Nail Polish: Russian Roulette


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