Photographyby: Arthur Elgort 
Styled by: Anya Ziourova

Top 5 Reasons Why Christy Turlington is Awe-inspiring: 

1. She is not afraid to roam the streets of New York City without a lick of make-up! 

 2. At 25, she stopped modeling full time and turned her focus to Religion and Eastern Philosophy. Four years later she graduated cum laude from New York University. 

3. At present, she is pursuing a Master's Degree in Public Health from Columbia University
4. She connotes a sense of pride when it comes to her roots:
 "People can see what they want in me, because I am not one type. My mother is from El Salvador, my father is a mutt of English, Welsh and German descent." 

5. She is currently working on a documentary, No Woman, No Cry, which follows women from Guatemala, Tanzania and the United States facing various challenges related to childbirth. She of course is directing, and financing the entire project.

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