Hello darlings,

I think we can collectively say that it has been a difficult couple of days. I said it before and I will say it again, we will come out of this stronger. I think so many of us have had to wake up to a new reality. This is an opportunity to show up in our own lives and really think about who we are as individuals. I have decided to redirect my anger and sadness into a force of love. I hope you will too.

We have compiled our monthly top 5 podcasts. There's a little bit of everything! If you only have time to listen to one, we highly recommend NPR's 'Apocalypse or Racial Kumbaya? American After Nov. 8'.

Hugs for a Monday,


1| NPR: Codwswitch - "Apocalypse Or Racial Kumbaya? America After Nov. 8"

2| Ronna and Beverly - "Episode 143: Leslie Grossman, Adam O'Byrne"

3| You Made It Weird - "Deepak Chopra"

4| This Is Actually Happening - "#81: What If You Lived Your Life As A Ghost"

 5| Beautiful Anonymous - "Episode 22: A Competitive Spirit"

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