If ever there was a good time in my life to practice mindfulness it is definitely now. I've learned to slow down and really appreciate living in the moment. Since my Lupus diagnosis, I've had to learn the art of being vulnerable and present. This past month has been especially challenging. The pain for better or worse brings an awareness that I cannot run from. From one moment to the next, I'll begin to experience pain in my knees, wrists, elbows, neck and upper back. I like to describe it as a pinball hitting different parts of my body with electrifying pain. While only lasting a few minutes to an hour, the feeling of not having control over my body is incredibly unsettling. Unfortunately, I didn't have a say in this. I would have loved to have been seated at the table when that decision was being made. I would have reminded my body that we were all playing for the same team. Nevertheless, I am hopeful that with time, proper medication, heaps of love and discipline, my body will no doubt make its way back home. It may not look or feel like it once used to; but it will be just as resilient and beautiful as it ever was. When the pain hits, I remind myself that rather to give into fear, to just let the moment exist. Because like everything in life, eventually it must pass.   




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