Hello, my darlings! 

My heart is overflowing with so much love. The amount of support and beautiful messages from so many of you has completely floored me. You are all an extended part of my tribe and the beautiful community we have built together is without a doubt one of the highlights of my personal and professional career. I will do everything in my power to continue to grow and nourish our lovely platform.

 I am in good spirits although I am not going to lie, there are moments where I am still in shock that my body is actually going through all of this. I have to mentally remind myself that my body is on the mend and that I am going to have to find creative and innovative ways to live with this disease. Which can seem daunting at times. Especially when I am trying to catch my breath after just opening the refrigerator door. I am on some really strong medications and the reality is that those medications take about 3-5 months to build up in the system and take effect. I am meditating in the mornings which has been helpful in aiding me to stay grounded and calm.

While we play the waiting game in giving my body time to adjust to the medications, the team and I, found the most adorable stand-in. You guessed it... my nephew!! He is so brilliantly intuitive that he knows that his tia Grish has not been feeling well and when I explained that I would be enlisting his help, he smiled and totally brought his A-game for the camera. He's learned from watching me... hahha. The silver lining of having to rest has been taking some epic nap sessions with him. I feel stronger when I awake from those naps. It's true what they say, 'love is the best medicine'

I will be heading to Palm Springs this weekend for some much needed r&r. Be sure to follow-up me on snapchat for more updates. 

Much love.


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