Toner & Makeup Remover

 I have acne prone/ oily skin which means it is extremely important for me to use products that are gentle on my skin's surface while cleansing it of dirt and oil. I make it a point to never go to bed at night with make-up on my face, and now with Garnier's Micellar Cleansing water- removing makeup has never been easier. Their sensitive skin formula works beautifully with my skin. 

A while back, a dear friend introduced me to Thayer's Witch Hazel and I have never looked back. Toner is great to use after cleansing your face as it helps restore your skin's PH levels. Thayer's toner formula is alcohol free which in my case is great because it doesn't burn when I use it. Unlike other toners I have tried in the past, this toner has a nice soothing and hydrating effect. 
Cleanser + Moisturizer 

Once I hit 30, my skin drastically changed. I had been fortunate enough to have skipped the acne phase of teenage-hood, only to find myself dealing with acne in my adulthood. My adult acne is definitely caused by hormonal changes, so when my dermatologist suggested I try Proactiv, I was more than skeptical. To my surprise, after a few months of using these products my skin is starting to feel like it once used to be. I love their Moisturizer as it effectively treats my blemishes and breakouts without overly drying my skin. Overall a total win! If you are like me and are dealing with mild to severe acne, before resorting to a harsh course of treatment, I would wholeheartedly suggest you give these products a try.
Sun Protection

SPF should be on the top of your daily beauty essentials. I live in sunny California, and I make it a point to wear sun protection all year long. Independent of the weather forecast you should be wearing some type of sun protection every day. As I mentioned, I have oily skin, therefore I have to be extra cautious as to the type of sun protection I use, because it may lead to more breakouts. Luckily I discovered Josie Maran's natural & eco-friendly line. Her Argan oil infused products bring a sense of luxury to one's beauty routine. I am head over heels for Protect + Perfect, a lightly tinted moisturizer with SPF 47. I wear this underneath my make-up and on the days when I don't wear make-up at all. It provides just enough coverage for those make-up free days.  
Eye Treatment I have been using various eye treatments since I was 20 years old. I come from a long line of beautiful women whom have always took preventative measures to ensure their skin game is on point. My mother, whom has prohibit me from disclosing her age, is an absolute knockout. She hardly wears makeup and doesn't believe in botox. I am still on the fence about the latter. Notwithstanding, I love rotating different eye treatments, but lately this affordable option has been in constant rotation.  

Face Mask

 I  love Maybelline's slogan... "Maybe she's born with it." Chances are she wasn't, she just does the work. Face Masks are time consuming, but like anything in life, if you put in the time you will eventually see results. I do at least 1 sheet mask a week, and I usually wear it at night once I start winding down for bed. I like driving to Korea town and make it a day of shopping for interesting beauty products, which is also the reason I have acquired various collections of sheet and beauty masks. Nobody does skin care like Korean women. I am in constant awe of their innovative beauty efforts. 
Eye Mask

These Collagen Gold eye masks are my favorite. I keep them in my refrigerator so that when I wear them, they have this awesome refreshing effective. I like wearing them for those days when I have an early call time or long 16 hour days so that my eyes look and feel more awake. 


 And there you have it, my loves. I hope you enjoyed this story as we intend on bringing more beauty related contend to the blog. 



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