Greetings from Arizona, my darlings. 

I have been traveling non-stop which has me feeling incredibly humbled and grateful. One of my life goals is to travel and explore as many parts of the world as I possibly can. On today's WEAR post I am bringing you a chic safari-inspired minimalist look. Which would be perfect for any holiday gathering. The main attention is of course is on the bold print of the dress. I completed the outfit with a pop of color on my feet. How very Carrie Bradshaw of me! In truth, I am part lady (Audrey Hepburn) and part vamp (a combination of Samantha and Carrie). 
Can you tell I have been watching one too many SATC reruns...

Big hugs for a Friday.

For a completed how-to-tutorial on my hair, 

Lady & The Vamp


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