Happy (almost!) Thanksgiving!! This year the family and I are headed to Westlake Village to partake in a fancy dinner. It is our family tradition to get dressed up and have dinner at a 4-star restaurant; thereafter we end the day in our pajamas while watching classic movies. The most perfect combo. I seriously love the Holidays.

In other non-turkey related news; pictured in this post is one of my most worn and prized items in my collection. I live in this 70's vintage wool fringe vest. I seriously do not ever see myself parting with it. I love the personality and laid back ease that it exudes. It is safe to say that I have always been partial towards quirky raiments that stand apart from the rest. What I usually do is pair them with more basic pieces. In this case, I paired my cherished wool vest with a simple boyfriend t-shirt and metallic loafers. My only rule when it comes to fashion is: Never wear something you don't absolutely love. Life is too short. This simple rule, if you can call it that, will always keep you feeling chic and true to yourself.

Wishing everyone a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday.


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