Hello my darlings. 

As some of you may have gathered already, the beautiful woman featured in today's post is none other than my big sister, Leslie. I have featured her on the blog many of times. However, these photographs capture a very special moment in time as she and her husband are currently expecting their first child. There are moments in my day, when I just smile thinking about holding a tiny bundle of heaven in my arms. I can only imagine how they feel. From the very first moment when I saw his little heart beating on the monitor, I felt as though the ground beneath my feet completely disappear. The privilege of  unwavering love is the greatest gift anyone can ever experience. Suffice it to say, that the family and I are over the moon! By the way, can we just take a moment and admire my sister's gorgeousness… I mean she has the cutest baby bump and her skin is out of this world amazing. And to the baby in my sister's tummy: I love you so much handsome angel. You have a huge fan club waiting for you at the corner of October and forever.

Love and light.


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