1| A captured childhood moment of mamma bear and me. 

2| These Louis Vuitton Oh Really! Pumps are new to my shoe family. I purchased them in the "Amarante" hue which can only be describe as the perfect deep cherry black color. They are absolutely dreamy and I am sure that together we are going to go to magical places.
Hey, if it worked for Cinderella...

3| If you follow me on Instagram you'd know that I am slightly obsessed with Pressed Juicery. My favorite juice is the "Greens 3" a delicious blend of kale, spinach, lemon, ginger, and cucumber.

4| My bestie recently paid me a visit in where she surprised me with the sweetest BFF bracelet. #mybestielovesme

5| I am smitten with Pure Ice's nail polishes. I highly recommend checking out their collection as they have a lot of fun colors lined up for summer.

 6| This gorgeous Bar III statement necklace has just the right amount of sparkle to keep me smiling throughout the day.

 7| This lovely vintage fusia blouse was on its way to the donation center when I rescued it and told mamma bear that I would be taking it with me. I then gave her strict orders to please let me inspect everything else she was purging from her closet. I can't wait to plan an outfit post around this stylish vintage gem.

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