I am a Cali girl through and through! Consequently my sartorial choices always give way to this notion. California's even-tempered weather allows for unique and easy ensembles. Case in point is the pairing of denim shorts and a sharp dinner jacket. As most of you know, I am forever drawn to the classics but I also need a dose of edge. This lovely dinner jacket reflects these two elements: a classic sensibility while the vegan leather trimming modernizes the entire piece. On this particular day, the weather was perfectly sunny with little notes of autumn fluttering in the air. Which kicked my Cali girl roots into action and this magical ensemble took place. It wasn't until last week that it actually started raining and then it really felt like the seasons had changed. The reality is that here in California we are beyond spoiled by the Weather Gods.  

Wishing all you beautiful people a wonderful week ahead. 

Black Dinner Jacket: H&M
Silk Collared Blouse: Nordstroms
Denim Shorts: Abercrombie


  1. Griselle, I am in love with your blog! It's so pretty like you. <3<3<3


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