On my way to a family dinner I decided on a chic yet casual ensemble. I donned a classic trench coat with a soft denim buttoned up and paired it with the most comfortable faux-leather leggings. To add a bit of fun to this relatively casual outfit I wore my beloved Calvin Klein leopard heels. For those of you who care to know, Calvin Klein makes the most comfortable shoes ever! I swear it's the only time when I can run in heels, à la Carrie from Sex and the City, and not feel like my kisser might end up on the pavement. 

Before heading out to meet my family I couldn't resist but bring some macaroons and chocolate.With each passing year my sweet tooth has grown stronger and stronger. I am ashamed to admit but I am powerless in the presence of anything sweet (the holidays have certainly not helped). At the top of LA eateries that make me weak in the knees is Bottega Louie. If you are a macaroon devotee, like myself, you must pay Bottega Louie a visit. Take my word for it, the overflow of colorful macaroons will have you coming for more.


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