//Collage of memories.//

//Research before becoming a puppy parent.//

Sorry for the lack of posts. As I recall the very same thing occurred last year as I was busily preparing for the Coachella Music Festival. This year was no exception. Suffice it to say that I am beyond excited! I hope to see some of you there. Don't be shy and be sure to say hello! Here is a photographic recap of recent adventures.

//Sweet Butter has tasty lattes.//

//Meet Carson.//

//In front of El Capitan Theater.//

//Side table at Chateau Melvin & Chris.//

//The sweetest glitter mani.//

//Two Scorpio Queens & one lovable Leo.//

//I love sidewalk cafes.//

//Inspirational Kitchen Decor.//

//Shades of blue.//

//Agape International Spiritual Center.//

//Macaroon time at Bottega Louie//

//My favorite morning mug.//

//Wurstküche Restaurant. My vegetarian hot dog and truffle fries were amazing.//

//Dainty jewelry.//

//Newly discovered red wine.//

//The finest Easter egg-decorating crew.//

//Sur Lounge in West Hollywood.//

 //This is officially happening next week! Coachella here we come!!//

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