December arrived with the celebration of a dear friend’s birthday— with looks that could kill and a heart that makes my own twinge over how amazing she is— we partook in the madness that is Las Vegas. If Los Angeles is my one true love then Vegas would be my not-so-secret lover. I can’t really describe its allure, except that there is something magical about a city that renders so much chaos. The weekend’s festivities included a lovely champagne movie night, a scrumptious dinner at STK,  followed by dancing into the wee hours of the night at The Marquee. We met some very interesting people to say the very least, and truthfully Vegas without some gentlemen trying to pour Vodka down your throat and insisting that nobody is watching, wouldn't be Vegas at all.  Of course, the ladies and I declined the oh-so generous offer. Our motto is: Keep it classy! And now, without further ado enjoy the sprinkle of lovely photographs. I can’t share them all because as we all know “What happens in… (well you know the rest).” ;)
Why, yes? Those are a pair of fake eyelashes that I am holding...

 In a few hours my Aspen Holiday will begin! More blogging goodness to commence on January 2012. Ooh la la "2012"— I love how that sounds! Cheers to a New Year filled with amazing adventures!

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